Writing Portfolio

In addition to writing my own blog on this website, here are some more links to writing projects I have completed.

Reflections from a Children’s Therapist Blog @ Psych Central

Depression Health Net

Depression in Children: Is Your Child Sad, Irritable, Moody, Acting Out, Withdrawing?

Ann Arbor Family Magazine

The Hockettes Synchronized Skating Team: Great awards both in competition and in personal values


How to Raise a Confident Daughter

How to be Happy: Improve your peace, satisfaction, and joy in life

Go Play Today! 3 (actually 9) Reasons Why Even Adults Should Play

Dollar Stretcher Articles

How to Get a Lot Done in a Little Bit of Time

The Emotions Behind Buying Stuff

How are Relationships Affected by Money?

Other Written Pieces

Loving the Skin You’re In

Tips For Making a Family Vacation More Fun with Less Stress

Foods that make your skin look good and your body feel great!

Preparing for Your Child’s First Dentist Visit



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